Jan 13


"Joao Cerqueira's Tragedy of Fidel Castro is a phantasmagoric odyssey through a highly imaginative prose universe of discovery and inquest. It's a magic realism hybrid of sacrificial lambs and Revolution, capitalistic decadence, and celestial consequence--in a dimension where the cogs of time got jammed. I expect that this rich and unique narrative voice will illuminate a phosphorescent trajectory in the future annals of the New Millennial World Lit!"
-Mark Spitzer - Toad Suck Review Editor, Professor of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas

"a smart, energetic and funny piece of writing."
-Bethany Gibson, Fiction Editor of Goose Lane Editions

"Brilliant satire, playfully serious [...] do not waste even a single paragraph"
-Rita Bonet, Os Meus Livros

"The author brilliantly balances the formal tone and themes of capitalism, socialism and religion with an appropriate dose of the ridiculous. [...] The feeling I got with each page was one that I compare to the first time I read The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I might not get it completely at first but it all ties together by the end and there's a feeling of having expanded my world view a bit on every page. [...] If you're a fan of satire, history, or generally good literature, I highly recommend this novel.
-Rabid Readers Review


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